Fit Latina in the Making: When Life Hands you Lemons

It’s been an interesting past couple of weeks in my household, and I was honestly at a loss for words. A little over two weeks ago, I received the unwelcome news that my position was being eliminated and was laid off. If you know me well, you know that I loved what I was doing so it was difficult news to receive, and I’m still trying to work things out as I do a little soul searching for what’s next.

Thankfully, I have a few distractions in my life that are helping me keep a healthy focus and fueling me with energy to embark on my new professional adventure.  Because let’s face it…at this point in time, if you haven’t been laid off once in your career, then you haven’t been pushed by fate to keep driving and learning professionally. There is a silver lining in every dark cloud.

I thought I was done going out of my comfort zone when I agreed to work with Ray, but I guess this journey is a part of my training ground for life. I giggle now because the weight loss journey still feels like the most difficult commitment I have had to make.  So am I worried about finding what’s next? Not too much (yet).  I’m more nervous about finding the perfect next phase so I’m going to try and take my time.

For now, let’s continue to push me out of my comfort zone and stay on track with my fitness goals!

I’m super lucky to have friends that have immediately reached out to make sure I’m not freaking out, and have helped me unwind from the shock. There’s been a lot of crazy adventures and it’s too much to post all at once, but I promise you there are fitness stories to share! And I’ll start sharing them this week!

The most important update I can give is where I am on my crazy bet with Ray to convert him in to a voter this election period.

Our ultimate deadline is November 1st and I have a target weight loss goal of 42 pounds.

Am I close? Yes

I reached 35 pounds five days ago, and I’ve lost a few more pounds since then.  I’m going to need to buckle down these next couple of days, but I promise you…


The year that the Chicago Cubs go to the World Series is the year Ray Peleckas will vote! Both of these events will be EPIC and LIFE CHANGING….fate has made it so!


It’s also the first time at the Art Institute of Chicago lions are wearing Cubs gear!


Fit Latina in the Making: Voter Registration Deadline

We are officially in the home stretch!  One week left to reach my 30 pound target that makes a miracle happen – having Ray submit his information to become a registered voter.

How far away am I from that goal?  THREE POUNDS.

Normally I wouldn’t be nervous about reaching this number, but I’ve had a roller coaster two weeks where I’ll gain two pounds and then lose it back again from one day to the next. Thankfully, the overall trend is still down, but when I’m THIS close to our date…it makes me a little nervous to have this shaky downhill spiral.

But it’s go time and I mean business!

So I’m going to put a laser focus on this week and crush these last three pounds. Thankfully, Ray was in Chicago for the second time and pretty much left me in a state of sheer exhaustion.  I think my arms are broken today – seriously!

However, despite his major fault of not taking civic engagement seriously, I can tell he really wants me to win this crazy bet.  So let’s give him a little heat because he should be voting, but also some kudos for not trying to sabotage me so he can win.

Ray gives off this super tough exterior, but he’s a big ole softy and I love it. He knows how to have fun but can be really intense about his work (hence his success and that of his clients).  The scary intensity has not come my way yet as I haven’t done anything to make him use it against me – thank goodness! Instead, I get trainer mode Ray and then this silliness when we aren’t training:


This man is wearing my poncho because the restaurant was freezing – ha!

But let’s talk progress.  Obviously, the scale is showing me that the work I’m putting in and the better eating is making a huge difference for my weight, but what about my actual fitness level?

I’ve definitely gotten stronger.

I’ve doubled my dumbbell weight and now find the 5 pounds seem like nothing…until I have to use them for 50 reps. However, it does feel good to be completing reps with the heavier weight when I know I could have never done that two months ago.

My form is also getting better.

I’m more flexible…I can easily do toe touches…I can hold planks longer.  I mean look at this squat!


And my confidence in my physical appearance is growing. I see the changes, and I really like what’s happening. I’m even starting to not get annoyed when I see pics or videos of me working out.  What?!


I feel good and apparently it’s showing in everything I do. People tell me I look happier and that I have a glow about me now. And you know what? I’m not only happy, I’m proud of myself!


And don’t forget to register to vote!  The registration deadline is quickly approaching!  You can do that here.