Fit Latina in the Making: We’re Burning my Big Clothes

So I’ve officially reached the 18 pound loss…almost halfway to my 1st goal!  I’ve also had a lot of fun moments recently with clothes that I have in my closet. Many items that were just a little snug are either fitting just right or are actually now loose and it’s AWESOME.

This fashionista could care less what the scale says every morning! I’m much more interested in the clothing and shoes I see in my future.  I know that the number on the scale is an indicator of what some of the clothes will look like but the actual fit of some pieces is what truly motivates me. I want to be able to wear anything in the store that I like – within reason of course.  I am almost 40 and don’t plan on dressing like a 20 year old. I won’t be one of those women – regardless of how hot I get (ha!).

So imagine my giggles when Ray is talking about going shopping when I reach the next 20 pounds. I chuckled because I know I have pieces of clothing in my closet now that will finally fit again.  I happened to mention this to him and he immediately asked:

“When we reach this next target, can we burn your bigger clothes?”

No.  We will not burn them.  I don’t believe in such waste.  However, I will get them out of my House and donate them to a women’s shelter or salvation army.

donate clothes

Doesn’t even need a handshake. It will get done.

Mother’s Day: Last Minute Gift Idea

My entire professional career has been in the non-profit sector. Each position I’ve held since graduating has always felt like the right fit. I think part of the reason why they’ve all felt right is because I was doing something meaningful. My roles (as varied as they have been) have not only fulfilled me intellectually but also emotionally.

I currently work at an incredible agency – Ronald McDonald House Charities of Chicagoland Northwest Indiana. I started as a volunteer in 1997/1998 and joined the team officially in 2012. The families we support are incredible, inspiring, and loving. The fact that I get to be a small part of their health stories is mind-blowing and humbling.

Why is this work so important to me? When I was born at 31 weeks, I had to spend 6 weeks in the NICU at Cook County Hospital. My mother was new to the country, didn’t speak much English and had very limited resources. My father had to work so he wasn’t able to navigate her across the city daily so she could spend time with me. It wasn’t until recently that I learned of the guilt my mother felt for the time she felt we lost. You see, the first Ronald McDonald House in Chicago wasn’t built until I was already 3 months old. Had their been one, my mother might have had the chance to stay close so that she didn’t have to miss out on time spent with me due to travel and economic ability. She would have been able to walk over to the hospital whenever she wanted to see me.

My mother was strong and did the best she could. She would have much less guilt had she had the incredible resource of the Ronald McDonald House, but it simply was not an option for her. Thankfully, her reality is no longer the only reality for other families like ours. There are now over 350 Ronald McDonald Houses around the WORLD!

No one wants to spend their Mother’s Day at a hospital, but there are many families who will this coming weekend. With your support, RMH can continue to provide a safe, warm and comforting place for these families to shower their moms with all the love they deserve.

We have a really fun event called Pulling for the House on August 1st.  Our goal is to raise enough funds to offset the costs of operating one room for each night of the year. That’s one room that a family is able to use to stay together and close while their child is undergoing medical treatment.  That’s a total goal of  $18,250.

Since we’ve launched our campaign a week ago, we’ve already surpassed our goal of $5,000.  Please consider making a donation on behalf of your mother this weekend.  Help us reach our next target!  You can find more information here.

The Lurie Luchadores thank you in advance!

close up of luchador-001