Fit Latina in the Making: I’m Starting to get Nervous

All week, I’ve had a lot of fun laughing at this ridiculous scenario that I have decided to entertain. The ridiculous portion is how I said yes, not the seriousness of why I finally decided to say yes. I am actively reflecting on what hasn’t worked in the past because I don’t want to get in the same rut. I don’t want to fail.

I understand that this journey will not be perfect and that I will have days where I feel like I did everything wrong. If weight-loss and working out were easy, the whole world would be fit.

This is going to be hard.

I’m going to be miserable on many days.

I’m going to want to quit.

I’m trying to convince myself that I will have fun. In fact, I’ve been using this blog to make myself laugh because I’m trying to not freak out. I’ve shared my story with my coworkers, my friends and anyone that will listen because I want them to check on me and to help me be accountable.

I even treated myself to some new workout clothes today. There is no reason to let a little sweat get in the way of looking fashionable, right?

But guess what….I’m slowly starting to panic!

I think about all the foods I won’t be eating and it makes me stare longingly at the stupid food I’m eating this week (nothing crazy, but I know some of the items will be no no’s on the list). Mind you, we haven’t even discussed dieting yet, and I already have a scenario created where I won’t be eating any carbs or sugars ever. Ray has NEVER uttered those words. In fact, I think he implied the opposite. Sure, we’ll eliminate some items for periods of time, but he never said I would have a forever restriction.

I’m also imagining how sore I will be this coming week, and how it will negatively affect my daily life. I have to officiate my first wedding and the last thing I want to do is cringe at every step I take. I don’t even know what exercises I’ll be doing, but I have managed to envision not being to walk!

The mind games have begun and I need to get myself out of this space or else I’ll set myself up to fail.  Ugh!

One Sheet Wonder Obsession: Mini-Album #2

It’s official….my friend Kelly has lit a crafty storm and I LOOOOOVE it!

After having participated in her mini-album blog hop, I became obsessed with creating one page wonders. I mean, how fun is it to use one 12×12 inch piece of paper to create the base of an mini scrapbook album? For a girl that has a wall of paper (literally), the potential to make thousands of mini-albums exploded in imaginary sprinkles of glitter. If you know me, you know I prefer imaginary glitter over the real stuff!

I started to do a little digging on Pinterest and soon realized that there were many different one-sheet wonders.  Can you picture the confetti of glitter in my mind at this discovery?!

One of the albums I discovered didn’t require ANY paper cutting to create the base. It was all folds and it had several pockets to tuck away special memories.  I couldn’t believe how many pockets were possible and was giddy to fill it with cute pictures.

Thankfully, my colleague has a set of the cutest nieces and nephews so I had plenty of pictures to use in my first attempt at this album. Regrettably, she loved it so much that she gave it to her sister who was having a really bad week.

Guess I’ll now be forced to create another one (cheer cheer for more crafty time!).

IMG_9639 IMG_9638 IMG_9634 IMG_9633 IMG_9630 IMG_9629 IMG_9628 IMG_9625

Mini Album Blog Hop

Since launching my new blog, I realized that I have so far failed to post something crafty. Considering I’m the papercutting nerd, it’s pretty surprising. Thankfully, my friend Kelly had a great idea to do a mini scrapbook album blog hop to get my creative energy focused.

When Kelly approached me with her idea, she said I could post an old album. As the time got closer to for the blog hop, I had every intention of copping out and putting up an old favorite. However, the universe has a funny way of making you change your plans.

You see, the album I wanted to share was on my old business website that I have since deleted. I didn’t save the photos because I never thought I would need them!

I was forced to pull out my materials and start fresh. I feel I’ve been in a creative slump because I haven’t taken the time to to focus on my art. I’ve made other great personal changes but have let this great joy sit on the back burner. I was terrified I wouldn’t have enough time, and then I remembered I had a great pinterest board full of ideas (@nchaidez). I had a great one sheet album that I had been dying to make. I then realized that I had also made a goal to make myself a scrapbook album before I turned 40. Having scrapbooked for over 10 years, can you believe I’ve never made myself an album?!  The universe was SCREAMING at me to finally do it….so here it is!

Please visit the album link for the scoring and cutting guidelines. The youtube video is easy to follow.

This little album showcases some of my greatest and cutest little loves. These are the beautiful children of my best friends and I’m so very very lucky to live near them so that I can have magical and fun moments. While I don’t have children myself, I adore these peanuts with every fiber of my being. I’m so happy to have finally created a little something for me that will remind me of why I love them all so much.


I tried not to make my album to layered to it would close easily, but my fun Freckled Fawn embellishments bulked it up enough that I had to include a ribbon belly band.



This album was so easy to make. The hardest part was deciding on the paper before choosing my pictures, but I just had fun with it!


I love the flaps. Had I had more time, I might have made one album per family so I could use spaces like the flaps to write more details.


So many pockets for so many cute pics! I’m a girl that looooves layers, but I had to remember to keep the tags as flat as possible so that the album would close flat.



Each of the tags comes right out. I only created layouts on one side, but it’s possible to do both sides or to journal on the back.



To add the ribbon belly band, I used an exacto knife to create a slot for the ribbon.

IMG_9462Describes exactly how I feel.

The adorable and bright backgrounds papers are from Dear Lizzy 6×6 paper packs (Lucky Charm and 5th & Frolic). All my embellishments are from Freckled Fawn which bring me to my giveaway. Please leave a comment below for a chance to win some of my favorite Freckled Fawn embellishments. They are simply the best. If you love washi tape….they have the best variety and incredible quality. They also have a monthly kit club for those of you (like me) that are paper hoarders and never seem to have any embellishments!  The winner will be selected randomly on Friday, July 25th!

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