Plan Adjustment Needed

If you would have told me that my entire set of 2020 goals would need to be re-evaluated and potentially re-written a month in to the new year, I would have told you you were crazy! But yet….here I am.

The potential upcoming work changes have really thrown a wrench in my plans.  So much for being ready, right?  I’m chuckling because it’s so ridiculous but yet it’s where I am, and I can either be immobilized or move forward.  Let’s just say I’m a bit of both right now.

So what changes have I temporarily made?

Shop Profits

I have really delved in to meeting and surpassing my monthly sales goal.  I’ve done this by becoming more vigilant in several of the crafting and planner facebook pages and instagram acounts. I am engaging with folks looking for specific items and documenting items to potentially add to the shop.  Any time I have a few minutes, I just take a quick peek in social media.  I do think it’s help drive some consistent traffic to the shop.

Thankfully, it looks like my hyper focus has really helped increase traffic and sales, and I am happy to share that I have surpassed my sales metric for the month!

I’ve also taken a big leap and placed an order for enamel pins that I custom designed. Eek! Several friends encouraged me to proceed with the order even though I was scared about not making back what I spent at a time when I don’t want to take too many risks. However, I think the pins will do well, so fingers crossed they arrive in time for the Chicago Planner Conference next month.

Student Loans

Last year, I made a conscious decision to really throw any extra funds to my students loans to reach a $10K debt reduction in 2019. I did this by throwing any Etsy sales to my loan balance and by paying 4x my minimum balance each month. Because I’m not sure what will happen over the next month, I need to be smarter financially (temporarily).  So rather than paying 4x the minimum, I went down to 2x my minimum. I’m hoping to pay just enough to cover the month’s interest.

I’m also now saving any Etsy deposits to my checking account. The goal would be to throw them back to my student loan balance once I’m feeling more secure. For now, we’ll just hold on to any funds for living expenses.

Reading Goal

Probably the only goal I can control – ha! I finished a book I started last year and am about half way through my second.  Instead of streaming something while I print and cut shop orders, I sometimes just read.  Makes me happy because reaching a goal metric feels good!

Fitness Goal

Well, this one has taken a pause due to the prep needed for the Chicago Planner Conference so that’s temporary.  I’m eating out less and trying to make better choices overall.  I’m not eating perfectly but the eats have been so much healthier than they have in quite some time.  I just need to be better about the water consumption – I’m still living off caffeine.

How I’m feeling

Truthfully, I’m starting to get a little anxious, but I’m trying to be proactive and positive about what will come next.  I don’t want to jump the gun at work just yet because I really have learned so much here, but I have to be prepared in case there isn’t a spot for my skill set with the new company.  So I’m peeking around at LinkedIn and networking where I can.  No leaps yet but there are some interesting roles that have sparked some interest in me.  Change is hard…change is not fun…but change can be amazing.  So I’m embracing it as best I can and pushing forward with my goals!


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