Fit Latina in the Making: Progress Slow-Down

I know that weight loss goes in spurts and my initial shedding was bound to slow down a bit. Well, it looks like I may have slowed down a bit this week.  Current weight loss total is 12.6 pounds…which is only about 1/2 pound less than last week.

I know, I know….1/2 pound loss is still better than a 1/2 pound gain.

However, I was hoping to not slow down so soon. And maybe I’m not actually slowing down. I did have an usual week on all fronts.

First, my air conditioning unit died during a very hot week in Chicago, so I spent a lot of time not moving in my almost 90 degree apartment while I waited for the AC guys. Two days of just trying to lounge in the hot, humidity means a lot less daily steps.  Then, when we realized I had to get a new unit, I packed up my Charlie-cat and commuted from my parents in the suburbs.  Let’s just say that the work commute almost doubled from my normal week (if not more), so there went more steps.

Did I also maybe take a few more nibbles than I had the first three weeks of not so healthy stuff?  Yes, probably.  Anyone who has ever been a diet knows the story….you do really well at the beginning and then you loosen the reigns a bit because you feel so confident you’re doing everything right, so you take a few extra liberties.

This week, I think I may have indulged a sweet tooth more than I should have, but maybe the few bites I had didn’t really make a different. Maybe this is just part of the process and this is just a mental test. Only time will tell and I’ll recommit to myself to be more mindful!

My workouts are getting harder and I’m officially at a level of soreness that is now pretty noticeable.  I’ve drank more water this past week than I ever have and my muscles are still screaming at me.

So I know I’m still working harder than I ever have in my lifetime. 

I’m not beating myself too much over this slow down because at the end of the day, I’m still in this. A new week is starting, which means I have a whole new week to continue pushing!


Tomorrow is my 4 week point since starting my first trainer session, so I figured I would retake my measurements this morning.  This is where I was pleasantly surprised.

Since July 18th, I’ve lost 3 inches total  – most significantly off my hips.

I’ve had a few people mention lately that I look different, and I guess this is what they’re seeing!

I’m going to use this as a reminder. Success in this process isn’t always going to be the weightloss number. Sometimes my success lies in other places. For example, when was the last time I worked out for almost an entire month?  Ummmm….NEVER!  And do I now catch myself feeling odd when I have a “rest day”? Absolutely.

So I know that the needle on the scale will keep moving. Even if it moves slowly, I’m happy to see it moving and now that I’ve taken some serious steps already to get me to my goal.

4 thoughts on “Fit Latina in the Making: Progress Slow-Down

  1. I would also guess that people are noticing what can’t necessarily be measured in numbers and pounds. They are seeing your happier soul shine through! ❤ Keep up the great work. LOVE the meme. It's 100% true.


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