Fit Latina in the Making: Changes?

It’s officially been three weeks since I did my first workout with Ray.

23 days to be exact.

As he was kicking my butt today, he shocked me.  He stopped to tell me that I looked different.  What? I just saw him in person a few days ago…but today I looked different?

I am currently down 12 pounds, and I’ve pretty much worked for 23 days straight so I guess there should be some changes. However, I told myself that I wouldn’t take new measurements until I was officially at my 1 month anniversary.  That will happen on the 18th so I still have a week to make more changes – ha!

I was honestly shocked by his statement because I can’t particularly say that I’ve noticed any changes yet physically. Maybe it’s my current wardrobe that masks the changes. Instead, there are a few key things I have noticed lately:

  1. Ray isn’t messing around anymore. Today’s workout had little breaks and several, several sets. The workouts never seemed to be close to ending.
  2. My stamina is improving. I barely had time to drink water during the workouts these past two days because I was too “busy” completing my sets.
  3. I can climb my flight of stairs easier when lugging stuff.
  4. I don’t think I’ve had a diet coke in over 2 weeks.  The one time I tried to treat myself to one – it just didn’t taste as good.  All I want to drink is water right now (and coffee).
  5. Reducing carbs hasn’t been difficult. Apparently, the things I like to cook are generally low carb (almost paleo). I just needed to be forced to cook more. The bad carbs I was eating were absolutely from baked goods and drive thru meals.  Now don’t get me wrong, I’m gonna want some pasta or rice soon so I need to plan for it.
  6. I do still crave a piece of chocolate every now and then, and I haven’t been denying myself a nibble from time to time.  Doing that would make me crazy….so I have my nibble and then I’m satisfied.

So a few good habit changes overall so far…but my attitude at the revved up workouts definitely looks like grumpy cat in my head.

grumpy cat

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