Fit Latina in the Making: Why I Never Opted for Gastric Bypass Surgery

Today I thought I would talk about a decision on a route I have purposely chosen not to take to help my growing weight.

Gastric Bypass is not for me.

Do I think my current weight would qualify me for it?  Absolutely.  I’ve got quite a large amount of weight to shed, so I do believe a doctor would let me consider this option if I wanted to pursue it.

However, I always felt that this was a cop out.

Why? I’ve never truly taken any serious steps to lose weight.  I’ve tried all sorts of diets and have attempted to work out, but it’s always been with half the true effort. This small effort didn’t yield results or change my behavior.

Please note that I’m not saying Gastric Bypass is an easy decision to make or undergo. I know that it is a very difficult decision, and that there are a lot of items a person has to complete medically before approved for the surgery.  You don’t just get the clear for surgery because you want it.

I refused to even consider that as a viable option for me because I felt it would be like all other fad diets I’ve tried.  I’d convince myself that I didn’t need to eat better or work out, and then I’d pile on the weight again. I felt I would fail at surgery.

So it isn’t for me…and I honestly don’t think it ever will be.

The steps I’ve taken in these last three weeks are building up a routine for me. I’m starting to get used to working out each day.

Is it fun? – Hell no!

Do I feel weird when I don’t workout? – Yup.

I needed to take this journey seriously before I even dared consider a surgical procedure. I’m now at the point where my pride will be hurt too much if I don’t make this finally stick.  My pride alone is going to make this happen….but it helps to have an army of my friends, family and followers pushing me to stay honest and stay on track.

So today, I need to say a special THANK YOU to a few key people:

  1. Josephine – I’ve known you for more than half of my life, and you’ve always been a source of fun and genuine kindness. You’re crazy in the best of ways and you are a beast when it comes to your planning, your discipline and your fitness. You’ve honored me by sharing your 5 kiddos as their godmother and it’s amazing. Your friendship/your love is ridiculous and I’m so lucky to have you in my life  Thank you for this very important push in my life and for connecting me to another nut (Ray). You have helped change my life in the best way possible.
  2. Ray – I haven’t even officially met you in person yet, but I think it’s clear we’re stuck with each other for awhile now. I was surprised to like you as much as I do because there was no way I would ever bond with someone whose life is in the gym.  This sedentary gal thought this whole thing was nuts but you have managed to get me to do shit that no one else ever has with humor, expertise and humility. I look forward to introducing you to my true sass, the rest of my crew, and the healthy me 🙂
  3. The Crew – There are too many of you to list separately, but you know who you are. This incredible group of friends (both old and new) who check in on me, invite me to do crazy things, offer to help me on this journey and just simply love me.  I love you crazy fools and thank you for all of your support. Your lack of judgment on my health choices to date show that it was more important to support me in my trying than to scold me for my failures and that’s HUGE.  As someone one said, “I’ve got people and they’re awesome.” TRUTH.
  4. My Family – If you’ve had the honor of meeting my mama and daddy, then you already know they are the best parents ever. They have always pushed me in their loving way (even if it means nagging or scolding) about all sorts of things. With weight – of course my Latina mom has tried everything to “help me.” Some of her methods were well received and others were not…but that’s what parents do. They don’t give up on you. When I started sharing this journey, I got the funniest text from my mom ever: “You keep working out. I’ll come deep clean your house for you.”  And then she did. My mom is also an incredible cook who doesn’t always make the healthiest of things, so I was super nervous about spending the day with them. Imagine my surprise when I’m sent home with a mess of grilled chicken and pre-cut veggies to stock pile my fridge. They are just the cutest.




4 thoughts on “Fit Latina in the Making: Why I Never Opted for Gastric Bypass Surgery

  1. Oh nubs. You made me tear up with this one. I’m the lucky one to have you in my life. I’m just so glad that is all working out. We’ve have some wild journeys together. But this by far is the most important and special one to me. LOVE you tons

    Josephine Sent from my iPhone



    • Love you! I had to get this out of the way now because WE WILL NOT CRY at dinner from sappiness. I may cry cuz you’re laughing and hitting me, but no sappiness.


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