Fit Latina in the Making: When Can I Cheat?

Today…today is the day I wanted to cheat on my workout.

I’ve had an exhausting week so far and my personal gas tank is running on fumes, but I promised I would complete my assigned workout assignments despite not having the chance to connect via Skype.

So at 9:30p.m. this evening, I put on my workout gear and started pumping through the routine that Ray had sent me.


And then I got to rep 5 of 7….

I could barely breathe and I started to feel sorry for myself because I was SOOOO tired. I literally starting taking a guess at how much time I would need to pad to my stopwatch to convince Ray that I had finished all 7 reps he assigned.

But I caught myself.

Cheating? What would I gain from cheating?  Nothing. Either Ray would think I was a speed demon and make my next workout even harder, or he’d know I was lying. Neither one had favorable outcomes.

I promised myself that I would be honest about this whole journey.

So I had two choices: 1) Stop and tell him I couldn’t continue finish the reps, or 2) Take longer to do each of the items in the one complete set.

I opted for number 2…and it was brutal. My whole body is going to hurt but my pride is not. I finished the entire damn thing when I thought I thought I couldn’t take one more step.

I have a goal to reach, and I can only reach it by building up my stamina and strength. I almost jedi-mind tricked myself out of my 17th straight workout.

I’m getting this done…painfully and slowly, but it’s happening.

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