Fit Latina in the Making: The Day My Trainer Forgot About Me

I hope Ray is ready for the roasting that is about to follow from this post.

You see, today is the day that he forgot about me!

Ray is off in LA doing official Rayfit business, but that also means he’s hanging out with my BFF and her family.  This equals dangerous fun and many late nights.  Because he’s two hours behind me and my schedule is so wonky this week, he has had to give me homework assignments to complete since Sunday.

Well today is only day THREE and he already forgot I existed!

I knew my day was going to be nutty, so I got up extra early to try and get my workout in before I had to leave for work.  I’ve realized that evening workouts are not my preference. I simply have more energy during the morning. Everything is much harder at night.

Well, I emailed him last night to remind him to send me my plan. I trusted he would leave me a message this morning and went to bed without shooting him a text reminder. Imagine my utter and complete shock to be dressed at 5am and to then realize I didn’t have a plan in my inbox.

Who voluntarily wakes up at 5am?!  I don’t!


Ain’t nobody got time to get up at 5am just for fun!

I have to admit, I thought about just grabbing one of the workouts he’s already sent me or walked me through, but I didn’t want to mess up his flow. I’ve realized that there is a method to this torture so I decided to wait until I got home to do my workout (that I got as I was driving to work).

Now don’t give Ray too hard of a time!  I know there is going to be that one day where I oversleep or cancel on him. I just thought it was too funny that I was ready to go, and he was off sleeping the morning away (well, to be fair, it was 3am his time).  Ha!

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