Fit Latina in the Making: The True Test

My schedule is going to be pretty wonky this week, and Ray is traveling as I literally type this post.  What does this mean?  Well, it means the time zone difference with my limited morning availability is not going to let us train together.  He’ll be sending me homework.

This week will be the ultimate test.

You see, Ray pegged me right away at our first conversation. He knew that I needed to be accountable to someone to make me workout. This is why we have our morning Skype sessions. Let’s face it, I’ve had a lifetime of saying I’m going to workout, but then make the decision to sleep in or do other things.  Knowing that I have to meet someone on Skype has made me prioritize my mornings differently.

I’ve now officially had TWO WEEKS of training, and I have successfully completed 14 workouts in that time. This is a HUGE victory for me and I am pretty proud of myself.

But now….now I have to stay on track.  Ray is trusting me to do my homework.

So I started this morning.

I slept in a little more than I normally do, and then got up and dressed in my workout gear. I’m not going to lie…I then started to stall.  The thought of completing the workout that included two of my least favorite items was daunting. I was dragging my feet for about an hour.

First, I put up post its to take down as I completed reps. I knew I would eventually lose count. (Who knew one of my planner goodies would be useful during my workouts). Thank goodness my Fitbit could also remind me of how many flights of stairs I had completed. I thought I had forgotten to take down a post it, but one look at my fitbit and I saw that I did in fact have one more round to go.


Then I waited.

For what?  The nerves to go away?  The fear to go away? I don’t know what it was exactly, so I did what I knew would work for me. I posted on social media that I was stalling, and I immediately got the encouragement I needed to get moving. Ray even made a special appearance on my post from the airport which made me crack up. There was no hiding, and I just needed to make it happen.

So off I went to climb my flight of stairs and complete the never-ending burpee reps. It took me a total of 19 minutes to accomplish. I was out of breath, sweaty and exhausted, but immediately came to the realization that I stalled longer than it actually took to finish the workout. Ridiculous.

Lesson learned and I’m ready for my next assignment.

For now, let me finish catching my breath.


8 thoughts on “Fit Latina in the Making: The True Test

  1. Stairs AND burpees on your own!!??!! That’s insane. To be completely honest I can’t even get myself to do that on my own. Kiddos to you lady!!

    Josephine Sent from my iPhone



  2. No hiding indeed! I may not comment or like every post you have about this journey, but I’m definitely watching Nubia! 🙂 I know the ups and downs you’ve had – you are human and we all have them. So who doesn’t like to see someone take charge of a situation they weren’t sure they wanted or could do in the past? You are doing an amazing job and I love reading all your honest posts. Keep up the great work! You definitely owe it to yourself, and I know without a doubt, you can do whatever you put your mind to. ❤


    • now don’t make me cry! But yes, you’ve been a part of this journey in the past….you’ll be happy to know that those shakeology shakes are going to start being a part of my after workout routine. I still have two boxes. Ha!

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      • For me crying is always part of the process! Letting go of things that hold us back, often causes tears. ❤️ And oh wow! That’s great! I still drink one every morning after my workout too. 😊 It’s a good thing you still have those, it all works out how it should.


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