Fit Latina in the Making: I Hate Burpees

I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone say they love burpees. I doesn’t matter the fitness level. There is a collective disdain for this stupid move.


And if your trainer moves from the modified burpee (using a chair) to the easier version of the actual burpees (meaning walking the feet out)…than the HATRED for the burpee really comes out.

I found myself getting angry that this stupid exercise existed.  

I apparently started to get pretty quiet and nervously laughing as I had to go down to the floor for more reps. Inside my head, I was saying every imaginable curse word on the planet. I think Ray has ESP because he started saying: “This is our baseline. One day these are goinna be nuthin for you!”

What?  You’re crazy!

I’ve watched every athletic person I know struggle with burpees, so don’t lie to me.

These are always going to suck.

I’ve already seen Ray modify this move in his Five a Day Free workouts for you “fit” people.  I didn’t even know there was such a thing as one-legged burpees!  Good god. I couldn’t even try to imagine making that move any harder than it already is, but apparently you can.

But I will say this about these painful mornings and workouts….they’re working.

I stepped on the scale this morning, and I’m already down 8.5 pounds from the first day I started “talking” to Ray which was July 12th.

The guidance and daily targeted but short workouts are working. I’m not as sore as I was week one, and my body is getting used to getting up and moving first thing in the morning. I’m also doing a lot more cooking at home and meal prep.

Food is going to be a big part of reaching my target, so we’re going slow there and making subtle changes that will ultimately have a high impact. I’ve mostly stopped the drive-thru breakfast and dinners. I still sometimes stop for a coffee, but that’s nothing calorie-wise compared to my previous pairing of it with a breakfast sandwich or donut (that I knew were AWFUL).

When I cook, I always lose weight and I always eat healthier. It really does help me to plan my meals and snacks so I need to keep it up. I’ve also gotten in to a good groove on my water intake so that my muscles get the hydration necessary to repair quicker and have less caffeine overall.

These are all good changes, and they are all manageable.

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