Fit Latina in the Making: Let’s Talk Nutrition


Eleven days of daily workouts.

This is already a record, but I’m going to continue crushing it. I’m finally at the point where the soreness is manageable (which I never imagined happening) and I feel weird not starting my day with a workout.  Whom have I become?

But what about my target….40 pounds by January 9th? Well, the wedding weekend I just had added a few pounds back, so as of Monday morning, I was only down 2 pounds.  Only 2?! It’s still 2 pounds less –  I should be celebrating!  It’s down and NOT up!  Silver lining is key here.  I know that as I get closer to my first target, there are going to be weeks where I won’t lose anything or I’ll gain some weight.  That’s normal!

I honestly thought Ray would be disappointed with the 2 pound loss, but he wasn’t.

He knew I had the wedding. When we chatted about what was the worst thing I ate that weekend – my answer was half a piece of cake and a glass of champagne.  I’m human and things like this will come up. You don’t stop living.  You just need to make an effort to have a little less than your previous standard.

My changes? I skipped wine with my dinner and passed on the mashed potatoes that came with my entree. I’m sure if I had gone all in and chugged away at wine, I would have been back at my start weight or higher.  But I wasn’t, and that felt good. it reminded me that I can still have fun and reach my target.

However, it’s time to really start looking at my nutrition. We’re getting used to the daily movement, but now it’s time to get a little serious on the other elephant in the room – my poor eating.

I’ve restarted logging my daily meals on myfitnesspal. It’s really interesting to see how many calories are in things you think are relatively healthy.  It’s also fascinating to wrap your head around carb totals and what that does to your weight fluctuations.

But let’s be honest, why does the best stuff have to have such high carb totals – the sweetest fruits and the most delicious desserts.  Why can’t a fresh baked chocolate chip cookie have high protein and low fat content?  And before you try to send me recipes for one…you know that healthy version doesn’t taste anything like the one I dream about when I think about a favorite treat.


But my reminder tonight is: Everything in moderation!

I can still have a cookie…just not one every day.

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