Habits I Want to Adopt

I don’t have anything mind blowing to share about today’s workout with Ray.

Was it mediocre? No!  

Was it hard? Yes!

I may be jinxing myself right now, but this week’s leg day was nowhere near as bad as the first week. Sure my ankle was screaming by the end and throughout the workday, but I was able to actually move. i could get up and down from my seat without much wincing. I’m not sure why that’s the case. I was still dying during the workout so I almost expected to be hobbling by mid-afternoon.

I only have two potential explanations for this: my body is actually getting stronger after the initial shock of the beginning and/or I’m finally well hydrated and benefiting from the protective aspects of having enough H2O to help my body heal.

So it got me thinking….what are some other habits I would really like to adopt?

  1. Regularly drink 8-10 glasses of water, at minimum. I love my diet coke treats and morning coffee, but I would often then just not drink anything else. Drinking all this water has changed the way my skin looks and my body feels.
  2. Food prep on the weekends to minimize the overthinking and under-delivering that happens during the week. I’m a great cook – I just need to plan for it and get to work in the kitchen.
  3. Increase my daily steps. The 30 minute workout is great, but I still have a pretty sedentary work and lifestyle. I need to create a plan to get me moving more throughout the day. Averaging 5000 steps/day is not cutting it for me.
  4. Consider eating out a treat as opposed to something I can do out of laziness. This will not only save me money, but it will spare me so many unnecessary calories.
  5. Increase my sleep to 7-8 hours/night. I currently sleep about 5-6 hours and many people are shocked to hear that it’s that low. I’m not generally exhausted so it hasn’t been an issue, but sleeping more can’t hurt!
  6. Consider my daily workouts just part of the day. Right now, they feel like a necessary chore, but I’d like to one day be at a point where it’s what I do to start my day (doesn’t mean I have to like it!).

What are some other habits I should think about?  Would love to hear your thoughts!


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