It’s a Miracle! I CAN move today!

In the comedy sketch that is my life, I sometimes get to have some crazy fun adventures. Being tricked in to finally starting my fitness journey is one, but today I get to check off another box in the “things I never thought I’d be doing.”

Today, I will be officiating the wedding of Somayeh and Vinny. 

And I still get to blame Josephine for this story!

You see, several years ago I was headed out to Boston to celebrate my oldest god son’s birthday.  She called me to let me know we were going to have a backyard wedding because the twins were dying to be in a wedding.  So for her anniversary, she was hiring a photographer and we were all going to get dressed up and have a wedding in the backyard.

I thought this was the cutest idea ever.  You see, Josephine is all about creating a world of laughter and adventure for everyone in her life!

But what do you bring someone who has everything (and who lives to create fun for others) as an anniversary gift?  Well, you create a scenario where you can do something equally as fun to add to the memory of the day!

My gift to the Atluri clan was to become an officiant!

Minister Nubs helped marry them in the backyard, and we’ve giggled about the whole thing for years.  Fast forward to 2016. My other best friend’s little sister got engaged about 2 years ago to one of the sweetest guys I know. They grew up practicing two different religions so they knew they wanted a secular wedding.

Problem number one facing them: finding an officiant they like.

Solution recommended: Ask Nubia.

So here I am, packing up to head over to the hotel to get ready to marry Somayeh and Vincent! I’m still in shock over the whole thing because I’m so truly honored to be a part of their day today in such an important role. We’re going to have fun, and we’re going to melt (literally). We’ve hit a massive heat wave in Chicago and there is no air conditioning at the chapel – yikes!

But how am I feeling today after a 6 workouts in 5 days?  I’m still sore but it’s truly manageable.  I can lift my arms to do my hair and make-up, and I’ll be able to walk up and down the stairs. I never thought it would only take about a week to get my body conditioned to this pain. Thanks Ray!

Now don’t get me wrong, I still ache…and I’ll probably ache badly again after a new muscle has been worked, but I least I have finally experienced the reward of pushing through the pain.

Not sure what I’m going to do tomorrow morning when I start back up as a dehydrated, exhausted mess but we’ll make it all happen as we did week one.

Today I have the day off and tonight I’ll be doing a little Persian dancing like Somayeh’s parents.  We’re going to have a blast!

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