Fit Latina in the Making: It’s Been a Hahd Week!

Well it’s officially day 5…and I have managed to fit in 5 workouts so far with one more on the way this afternoon because I won’t have time tomorrow.

When is the last time I worked out 5 days in a row?  NEVER!

It’s been a hahd ride ( I can totally hear Ray saying that), but it hasn’t been impossible. I’m doing this, and I honestly can’t believe it.  Even with a semi-busted ankle, I’m getting through this little by little. We’re being smaht and we’re working hahd.

Sure my body aches every morning (I’m totally buying stock in Advil some day), but once I get moving, it gets better.

Are there moves we attempt and then need to modify because I’m not there yet?  Yup.

Is that a little blow to my ego? Double yup!

But Ray finds something new that works and puts me to work. There is no time to overthink and wallow in my own bruised ego…he focuses me on more moving and sweating. I don’t even have time to process the disappointment that would have probably made me not come back or keep going.

Sometimes I think his modified moves are easy because I’m all confident doing the first couple of reps, but then it hits you. All of a sudden you start moving slower, your heart rate starts pumping and you sweat like crazy. So while I may have felt a little discouraged by having to modify his initial “easy” moves, I quickly realize that he is still kicking my ass.

It’s been a fun week,and NO it’s not because I like working out. I still hate working out.

Ray is making this fun, he’s reasonable and he’s pushing me. Posting about this journey has been unreal. I’ve heard from people that I haven’t connected to in ages, and the candor with which they have shared their own weight and workout struggles is humbling. I’m apparently motivating others to start their day one again (even if this the 100th day one) and that pushes me to stay on the course. If I’ve learned anything this week is that you have to treat each day like a new day one and just try.

Because let’s be honest…the aches suck…they REALLY, REALLY suck!

Maybe I’ll treat myself to a massage next week. Hmmmm…wouldn’t that be a great end of the week treat?!

body aches

4 thoughts on “Fit Latina in the Making: It’s Been a Hahd Week!

  1. So proud of you Nubia! AND those aches might just become so normal someday, you don’t notice them. OR your body adjusts. I never can tell what happens, I just know it does go away/get better eventually. 🙂 Keep sharing, keep doing. You are doing awesome!


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