Fit Latina in the Making: Pushing through the Pain

So I have officially concluded Day Three of my personal training and it was NOT PRETTY.

I don’t think my body is abnormal so many folks go through the 48 hour PAIN WALL hitting. You know…that moment where you body finally catches up and says it hates you for the torture you have subjected it to. That wall.

Well, mine was no exception…except I could no longer use the excuse to take a day off because of it. Ray told me to go to yoga on our “day off” because it would help stretch my muscles.  On Monday, that was a lovely thing to hear because yoga is probably one of the few classes I do enjoy – especially when Zach from Tejas Yoga is the instructor (he’s amazing)!

I knew I would be sore, but Ray’s targeted approach meant specific key areas of my body were now screaming. My quads and hamstrings decided they were done working. They gave up on me! Every time I had to sit down and then stand up was a struggle, and I’m a girl…I have to sit down to go to the bathroom!

I actually found myself negotiating with my body….do you really need to go to the ladies room right now? Can you hold off dealing with the pain a bit longer?

I know, simply ridiculous.

Now also take in to consideration that I also rolled my ankle yesterday. As that stiffened up throughout the day, I started walking funny because I didn’t want to aggravate the ankle but also because it would take a few moments for my quads and hamstrings to warm up to allow me to look human when walking.

I then realized that my shoulders were starting to catch up with Tuesday’s workout, and I started to truly panic. I had yoga tonight!  How was I going to even attempt doing a downward dog?  And what if Zach was on leg day or arm day?  Crap!  Do I call and see if it’s backbend session?

So many thoughts racing through my head and most about not moving. I found myself being afraid to move because of the pain. Everything was getting stiffer and stiffer the more I sat still and hesitated.

So I reached out to my friend Rose.

We started going to yoga together about 1.5 years because she was looking for a legit yoga studio…not a canned boutique studio. She wanted fundamentals and knowledgeable instructors, so she found us this gem of a studio. It’s tiny and perfect.

We haven’t moved beyond Intro Yoga because we haven’t been consistent and because we love our instructor. Well, we sort of also took a  year off due to work changes so TONIGHT was our day one and we were both excited to be back.

I was scared I would embarrass myself royally.

There was so much range of motion I was convinced I wouldn’t be able to do and almost told Rose I was gonna skip it.  But then I thought about the numerous friends from all walks of life who have reached out to me privately because of this blog. Their rooting for me…sharing their struggles..and telling me I’ve inspired them.

Inspired?  I haven’t even reached goal one yet?!  

But that was enough incentive. Instead of cancelling, I told Rose I might need her help tonight.  Because guess what?!  She’s one of my best friends, and I know I can count on her. Like duh!  That’s what we do!!!  I also knew that even if I did something I found absolutely horrifyingly embarrassing, she’d make me laugh about it.

So we went to yoga, and we said hi to Zach. After his initial shock at having us back, he asked if there were any issues. Rose pretty much smirked as she said, “She’s got a lot to tell you!”  Ha!  I gave him the lowdown on the screaming body parts, the rolled ankle and the fact that I positioned myself next to a wall in case I needed it. He chuckled and said ok got it!

Did I find myself embarrassed initially?  YES!  I couldn’t figure out how to sit on the floor!  I found myself giggling as I circled like a pet trying to figure out how to get down.  I pulled over some yoga blocks and used them to help me down.  Voila! I was able to sit down and get to work.

And I’m sure you can imagine my audible “Yes!” (fist pump and everything) when Zach said today was backbend day!  I think someone up above decided to reward me for pushing through the pain and taking the chance that Ray was right, and that this would help my soreness.

Because it did! By the time I left class, I was getting up and down from the floor easier and my muscles weren’t as tight. Do I still feel them tightening up right now?  Yes….but at least now I have proof that it will one day get much better.

Thanks for joining me Rose!


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