Fit Latina in the Making: Normally today would be QUITTING day

So I’m getting ready to go to my only favorite type of workout class – yoga.

However, I’m cringing at the thought of having to get down on the floor and get up.  Why?  My quads and hamstrings are revolting. It’s challenging to get up from a chair as it is so I know the floor work is going to be brutal.

Normally, this is the point where I might say I need a workout break and then just stop altogether. But not today! I committed to this journey and trust that Ray is guiding me as gently as possible so I can feel like I’m winning and that I progress.  I’m not supposed to step on a scale but I did this morning because I needed the reminder to why I’m submitting myself to this torture. Well, since my first conversation with Ray last week, I’ve supposedly already lost six pounds. What?!  It’s only day three technically, but I think I’ve been avoiding bad snacks and poor food choices in the anticipation of starting so it’s another sign that food is a huge part of this story.

This is day three and I’ve exercised muscles that I’ve never really worked out. I know this soreness is normal and that I need to push through, but my mind is trying to tell me I can’t.

So I’m enlisting my gal Rose. This is our favorite thing to do together and she’s been warned.

ITEMS NEEDED: I need a wall location for my mat, and I may need her to help me get up.

She’s ready and I’m trying to be ready.  Ha!

Stay tuned….

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