Fit Latina in the Making: I’m Walking Funny

When my alarm went off this morning, I found myself having to turn slowly and use my arms to help turn off the alarm because my legs were refusing to cooperate with the whole body turn.

I knew the squats would get me, but I didn’t think I would feel like this until Wednesday. Now don’t get me wrong, I just needed to walk around a bit to get them loose, but I had a feeling that today would be hysterical.

I had NOOOOOO idea what funny would actually look like.

At 7am on the dot, Ray called. We’re “friends” now on FB (so you know it’s official).  He’s seen my funny posts about my aches. I don’t think that influenced his plan for the day at all, but at least it helped him start the conversation with: “How are the quads doing?”

How are they doing? They aren’t working! They aren’t working!!

I know this soreness is a good thing and that it would only be alarming if there was true pain involved. So he got excited about the fact that we broke down fibers so that we could build new ones with our training.

Ok great…but I’d like to walk down the stairs from my second floor apartment please?  Did you leave any fibers for that?

We put a little focus on my upper body today since I would be going to yoga tomorrow (my absolute favorite thing to do). He says the stretching will be good for my sore body mid-week.

So we high planked, low planked and did several modified push-ups and burpees.  Yes, burpees! We started with one beginner version but I was not physically ready for that version, so we notched it down a bit so I didn’t have to go down so low.

That was a game changer.

I was able to complete all my reps….though I obviously had some slowing down as we got through the 3rd and 4th reps. When we finished, I was happy that I had been able to do everything he asked. I felt successful. If you’ve read my other posts, you know this is key to helping me stay motivated.

Fast forward about 30 minutes…

Who had trouble taking off her sports bra so she could jump in the shower?  THIS GIRL! My arms didn’t feel like they were that affected but apparently the movement to get something over your head was totally the muscle that got most of the work, so I found myself cracking up as I’m shimmying and cursing under my breathe.


Goodness me. I couldn’t go down the normal way without being afraid of falling. One of my friends had told me to go down backwards because that uses different muscles. Imagine my surprise when that was a significantly different experience, and I was able to get down easily.  I now imagine getting down from the yoga studio tomorrow night might be one of the funniest things my friend Rose will experience with me.  Scratch that…we’ve done a lot of stupid funny things, so this will just be another story in our storybook.

But wait…this story gets better at work.

I, in general, have awful ankles. I never knew I severely pronated until about 2 years ago and only recently got custom orthotics.  I’ve been scolded by the podiatrist for my taste in beautiful shoes and a severely sprained ankle has forced me to choose uglier shoes because they were better for me.

So I own a pair of the dreaded Birkenstocks.  This has crushed my fashionista soul!

Are they comfortable and supportive – yes? Are they pretty – hell no!  But I’d rather be able to walk comfortably every day than to suffer through more sprains and/or flare ups of my plantar fasciitis.

I have also had a pretty sedentary lifestyle and work-life, so circulation is sometimes an issue that makes my feet swell. Because of this, I have had the Birks a little loose to accommodate the morning swelling.

Well, here I am feeling good about the soreness when my now loose Birk (because there is no swelling this morning) comes off my foot a bit and I step on the edge of the shoe as I’m walking.  One second I’m speaking to my volunteer and then next, I’m eating pavement.

I’m talking full face dive as I rolled my ankle. It was an epic fall!

While I didn’t badly roll my ankle, I did aggravate it. It’s a little swollen this evening and gets a little stiff.

If you know me, you know I have a history of this in the summer-time (probably due to the shoe choices I make). There is usually a great story to accompany my sprains – most of the recent ones having to do with hikes in beautiful Hawaii.  But not this one….I was just simply walking at work.  Lame!

So we’ll see what tomorrow looks like. Do I think I’ll be able to walk down the stairs face forward? Doubtful. Will I be able to easily do the yoga I love – nope! I’ll have to work REALLY hard to not focus on the soreness and just get in my zen (while listening to any pain in the ankle).  Good grief.


It looks a lot worse in the pic. This is an image I post a lot.

For now, I’ll ice it and hope I’m less sore and stiff tomorrow.


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