Fit Latina in the Making: Working Smaht

I know you’ll be in as much shock as I am.

Today was day one, and I didn’t die.

I decided I needed my workout outfit to give me some good karma. I found a Breast Cancer Awareness shirt this weekend at Macy’s that I knew I had to have the moment I laid eyes on it.

You see, I made a promise to my friend Deyla that I would start to take care of me. She lost her battle to breast cancer a little over two years ago and she fought hard.  She fought against the availability of options but never stopped trying.  So here I am, with everything laid at my feet, and I still had trouble saying yes to this opportunity.  The shirt was a good reminder to get out of my head and focus on my heart.


In all seriousness, I wasn’t sure how training via Skype would work, or if I would like it. I can’t say I “like” it (because I still don’t enjoy a workout), but I do love the convenience of doing this at home and Ray is pretty clear about what he wants me to do. In turn, I apparently take direction well so it seems to be a match made in heaven.

So was I still nervous as I saw skype start ringing?  Heck yea I was!

Well, I didn’t have much time focus on the nerves because we quickly became a comedy sketch as my laptop camera wouldn’t work, and he disconnected his computer when we finally connected via my mini iPad. (We’re both showing our age when it comes to technological competency!)

The mini iPad isn’t ideal, but it works. He can see me, and I can see him, and so we got to business. I had this idea that he would be killing me today…that I would be scolded…and that he would be unreasonable on my capabilities.

But none of that happened!

Was he honest about how my weight is affecting certain moves – yes, of course. However, he never explained anything in a condescending way. It was just a matter of fact and something we would tackle as a team.

And then he introduced me to the damn squat.


WHO KNEW there was a wrong way and a right way to execute a squat? I was feeling all kinds of confident when he asked me to do my version first. I had my back straight, and I came down at a decent tempo. But boy did I know that my knees were going to feel this if we did a lot of reps.

Well, he took a look at my form and then taught me how to do them better.

Do you know I’ve actually seen others use this form and thought they were doing it wrong?! Little did I know that they were saving their knees and backs by using proper form.  AMAZING difference.

Was it still hard?  YOU BET!

But did we work SMAHT (I have to try not to giggle at the Boston accent)?  Yup.  No injuries is one of our goals.

But what is the 1st goal?

Lose 40 pounds by my 40th Birthday (January 9th).

When I gave him this target weight goal, he got quiet. I thought he was going to tell me I was crazy. Imagine my surprise when he said that if I gave 50% effort, I’d reach that target. However, if I gave him more than my 50%, I would blow that number out of the water.

What?! I’ve never lost that kind of weight.  EVER!

Do I think this will be the most difficult thing I’ve ever done. ABSOLUTELY.

Do I think that I’m in good hands?  Yup.  I made a SMAHT choice 🙂




8 thoughts on “Fit Latina in the Making: Working Smaht

    • LOL. You have to stick your butt out and hinge from your waist. I bet if you google proper form for a squat, you’ll find one. I always thought I had to have my back perpendicular to the floor – like I was practicing good posture.


  1. Keep up the good work Nubia! Sounds like you have a great trainer. Maybe I hate squats so much because I do them wrong. Keep up the good work. And like I said, you have inspired me to get off my lazy ass and shed the 10 lbs I’ve gained from just sitting at my desk all day. Time to throw in some walking to start, then I’ll tackle some squats. Baby steps.


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