Fit Latina in the Making Update: Why am I still Doing Nothing?

About a month ago, I went on a personal rant scolding myself for not having made any progress on my fitness goals. Well, fast forward 30 days and where am I? Basically in the same spot!  But something has finally changed….

I’ve made a terrifying commitment because my best friend forced it on me. 

I know….terrifying is a bit dramatic.

So what happened exactly? Well, my best friend Josephine is probably the one person who is as active on social media as I am. Perhaps it’s because we’re night owls and need to unwind, but blogging is our way of sharing our journeys, our struggles and our successes. So she has seen my typical annual posts of how this will be the year that I make a change but then never do.

She’s a beast physically, and I’m amazed by how she does this while raising FIVE happy, beautiful kids. She’s also one of the kindest and most generous souls I know. She has worked hard to get as fit as she is and could literally scold me in to action, but she never has. She’s never shamed me or made me feel bad about not being able to keep up physically. Instead she has included me on crazy adventures, invited me on suicide missions (hello trek across the dessert – that I didn’t do out of fear of dying), and always just helped me along where I needed it most (but gently).

So imagine my surprise when I get an email yesterday with a fascinating and terrifying proposal. She has decided to work professionally with her “former” trainer from Boston. You see, she’s moved ACROSS the country and wants to help him expand his training system/gym. She’s serious about this…and when this girl is serious, she gets shit done.

So back to the email.

It starts with the ever scary “S000000000000000, I have a proposal for you.” Part of this expansion plan is to really share what Ray does best….get people in the best shape of their lives.

So what if I stepped up to become one of those stories?  Any barrier I could imagine was eliminated for me. I just needed to say yes.  But yet I didn’t. I replied….“Let me get back to you when I get to my desk. I know I should say yes, but it’s going to be hard.”

When I finally got back to my desk and opened my email, Josephine’s response to my response was:

“I told him you’re in!”

Any other point in my life, I probably would have picked up the phone and told her to take it back. But you know what? I’m out of excuses.

I’ve reached some other important life goals that I needed to prioritize at the time, but those targets have been met. I’m left with two big goals for 2016 – commit to getting fit and to declutter my house. Of the two, I think we can all agree that getting fit is the highest priority item.

So while I’m actually terrified of disappointing them (and myself), I had to laugh at her ballsy move and just say….


I officially start Monday.


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