Planner Nerd Alert: Uncalendar Update

It’s been about 5 weeks since I made my paper planner purchases. While I thought I would be able to keep two planners at once, I’ve realized that I really only use one planner – the UNCALENDAR.

It has actually surprised me because it’s not as “pretty” as the Happy Planner, but the functionality of it is exactly what I needed.  However, let me focus on the unpretty factor because as you can imagine, it’s visually jarring for the scrapbooking side of my brain.  I have a room full of beautiful papers, washi tapes, stickers and machines that can turn any paper or sticker in to an embellishment.  So I’ve taken matters in to my own hands.

There is an entire world of planner crafty nerds like me that love to use their weekly planner as a piece of art. I’m often amazed at the weekly and monthly layouts of the many people I follow on instagram. While I aspire to make my planner as fun visually because their work is absolutely stunning, I also need it to be functional for the way I think and work.

But as I looked for inspiration to dress up my uncalendar, I realized that there really isn’t anyone out there that is actively dressing up their uncalendar. The uncalendar is designed to make organization simple and effective. The base colors (all primary colors) are done so intentionally as another layer to their efficiency model. I don’t need to use the color system because I’m primarily using my uncalendar for work. I’ve realized I don’t really plan my personal tasks…which will be my next step. I think I may actually create a different section to my planner that uses the uncalendar layouts for personal items, but I’m not there yet.

For now, I’ve decided I need to take the lead on sharing my love for this planner and showing how I’m dressing it up. I know there are more people out there like me who like the structure that the uncalendar can provide but want the pretty factor.

I’m no expert in layouts, but I feel like I’m getting more fearless and having fun with the arsenal of crafty supplies I own. My layouts are getting more creative and more visually appealing as the weeks go on.

I’ll be posting my layouts on my instagram and pinterest accounts each week, but figured it would help to at least give you an idea of what the original layout looks like.

original uncalendar weekly layout

2 thoughts on “Planner Nerd Alert: Uncalendar Update

  1. I’m a year late replying, but have been a fan of the Uncalendar since my son’s girlfriend turned me on to it last year. I just jumped on the “decorate your planner” bandwagon (3 weeks in….still struggling). My only complaint about the Uncalendar, even before I started dressing it up, has been the jarring primary colors. I know they serve a purpose, but they’re just so darn primary! I sent an email to the company asking if they’d consider doing a black/white/grayscale version but haven’t heard back.
    Anyway, I love the layouts you’ve done. Your pages are inviting and interesting and still manage to leave plenty of writing space….I’ve noticed that tends to disappear in some of the other style planners.
    Hope you’re still enjoying the Uncalendar!


    • I still really enjoy it, but used it primarily for my former position. I’m currently in my job search mode, so I haven’t picked it up yet. However, I did love the uncalendar because I could still have needed white space to help me sort out multiple projects and help me separate the tasks for the two departments that were under me.


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