Motivation Monday: Fitness Redo

I’ve fallen terribly off the wagon for the 500th time.

I had a goal to lose 60 pounds by February 2016. I started off strong, but then just stopped paying close attention to my eating and I stopped moving.

So this week starts my Monday redo. Better a redo than quitting, right?!

So I figured i would make this realistic and achievable.

  1. I’m going to get up and take a 30 minute walk every day of the week. Maybe one day it will eventually be a run…but a walk is going to help me get my steps in and just get me started. I’ve replaced my missing Fitbit recently and was terribly disappointed in how low my numbers have gotten since it went missing. It’s definitely time for a reboot.
  2. I’m going to stop buying drive through breakfast and just stick to coffee (if I need it). I don’t need the extra calories from the terrible morning breakfasts on the go that usually accompany my breakfast runs!  Time to stock up on some good options at home.

We’re going to try these two simple items out for the month of August and see how it goes!

A start is a start!

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