A Blissful visit to Blitsy (and a Giveaway)

My talented friend Latrice Murphy recently asked me if I might be available to attend an event at the Blitsy studios.  She said it would include two things…..crafts and cocktails. Um what? Crafts AND cocktails?  Am I going to heaven?

After consulting my schedule, I realized that I could in fact make myself available for the paradise she was describing.

I didn’t really ask any other details, so I was pleasantly surprised to walk in to a fun networking evening for Chicago-based crafty/DIY bloggers. It was an intimate group but the inspiration and fun was astonishingly busting out of the room. After mingling for a bit, we were ushered in to the studio where we were given materials to have some crafty fun together. We had materials to decorate our coasters and wine bottles.

IMG_3043I’m NOT a quick crafter, so I was only able to focus on one project – the coasters. I was giddy at all the supplies available to us from the Blitsy team, and so I decided to go out of my comfort zone. I used a more masculine palette to decorate my coasters. In true Nubia fashion, I was very detailed and layered in my embellishment of the naked cork coasters combining several medium to get my final look.


I actually don’t think I’ll use them as coasters at all. I’m pondering framing them each separately to use as home or office decor.  I might just get a small easel and rotate them on my desk at work. Hmmmmm….the choices are a plentyl

The best part of the networking evening was really getting the chance to learn more about Blitsy. Up until that night, I really only knew them as a discount online craft retailer. Yes….Blitsy has a warehouse of all things crafty at amazingly discounted rates. You have a project – go to Blitsy to get your supplies!

But there is so much more to their website!  If you’re visually inclined (as most crafters are), make sure to check out the Inspiration section of their website. It has what I would call a wall of inspiration tiles a la Pinterest. A quick snapshot of a fun project that you can try yourself or use to spark a moment of personal creative brilliance. You can even submit your own projects! Expect to see some of my favorite projects soon…I just need to make sure I have good pictures and well written content. I definitely need to step up my game to join the wall of beauty. Many of the evening’s bloggers already took part on the site and I was definitely inspired to step it up!

There is also a Learn section where they delve in to many different techniques and projects. I’ve already gone ahead and pinned some of my favorites that were recently posted.

Lastly, there is a Blog!  So much good stuff in there…seriously! There a tutorials…featured blogs/projects…and a fun “Three Things to Make This Week” post. I don’t know how they find all this content, but it’s really fun to poke around when you’re feeling the crafty itch.  For me, that can be a daily task. Ha!

So give them a look and leave me a comment about a favorite product or project you discovered!  On Friday, I’ll randomly choose one of you to win a $25 gift card to use on your first order!

PS – a little birdie told me that they would be having a big SALE on August 9th!

9 thoughts on “A Blissful visit to Blitsy (and a Giveaway)

  1. It’s great to see post again!! So happy that you made to Blitsy’s event – looked like FUN! I love some of their post – had to chuckle about their Shark Week crafts! LOL!! I loved their Dog Shark Fin project :)))


  2. Woa! I had no idea you had a blog, Nubia! LOVE IT. Definitely checking Blitsy out. The coaster idea is great. Gotta try it.


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