Financial Fridays: Review of CKYBooks

About two months ago, I wrote about an online consignment shop called CKYBooks.

I didn’t have much to sell yet personally, but I had a chance to test out CKYBooks at work. As we were spring cleaning, we came across a drawer of new DVDs. While some we felt confident could be packaged in to a great auction item, there were others we were less confident about.

So I decided to see if CKYBooks was currently buying any of the DVDs we found.  We were shocked to see that many of them were being currently purchased!  We ended up with a buy back potential worth $45.

That also meant we qualified for free shipping, so we decided we would take the chance and send off the DVDs.CKYBooks provided the UPS shipping label and off they went.  I honestly wasn’t sure if we would get paid nor did I have an estimate for how long it would take to get paid!

Imagine my surprise when our check for $45 arrived within 2 weeks! The entire process was simple, easy and fruitful. The check has since been deposited and we’ve happily uncluttered a drawer for new items.

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