Goal #1 met: Take a photography class for my new DSLR

Awhile back, I posted some of my 40 before 40 goals.  Number #14 on my list was take a photography course so that I could start to learn how to unleash the full blown potential of my first DSLR camera.

In Chicago, we have a website called Dabble. It’s a great site to find instructional courses on things you want to take a little dabble. While I know I would have enjoyed a full blown class, I don’t currently have the time to invest in a full course. I also didn’t want to invest a serious amount of cash on a hobby when I am also trying to eliminate my debt.

So a dabble course for $40 was perfect…and boy was it!  In three hours, I learned how to take my camera from automatic to manual mode, and I learned how to take some alternate focused shots. While I still have a lot to understand about aperture and shutter speed settings, it’s been really fun to start the learning process.

I hope that I’ll be able to take a full blown course soon. I’ve always enjoyed taking pictures and am so excited to have a camera that will allow me to get really artsy while also giving me excellent quality.

I will continue to add to my photo album on this blog so join me in my journey!

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