Summer Reading – BOTNS Book Bingo

I love to read, but I never make enough time for it. So the Books On the The Nightstand Book Bingo challenge could not have come a better time (thanks April for posting your bingo card!).

BOTNS is a weekly podcast. The focus of the podcasts is to talk about books – recommendations, stories on publishing, bookstores, etc.


Their Bingo challenge runs from Memorial Day – Labor Day.  I’ve printed out 3 bingo cards (you refresh the link to get a new card) to give myself a few chances to reach an actual Bingo. I have a yearly goal of reading 20 books, but I’ve only read 3 to date – so I’m already behind.

Mapping out plans to meet various goals feeds my brainy-self. Creating a plan of attack to play along with this challenge and help me catch up on my reading goal is going to be fun. I know this will force me to spend less time watching crappy TV and instead more time feeding my imagination.

I might even start moving some of these unread books out of my house once I finish them.

scan scan3261 scan3262

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