Fit Latina in the Making: Hula Hooping

So I recently took a fantastic trip to Greenville, Mississippi with two of my girlfriends. We went down to celebrate the 85th birthday of the adorable Grandmother Owens. Look at her in her fancy new sunhat!

IMG_5512Well, when you’re from Chicago and you’re in the small town of Greenville, you soon realize that there isn’t much to do when you have some downtime unless you really know the area. We clearly don’t know much outside of the Owens family, so we had to find ways to entertain ourselves.

Like true city girls, we decided to go shopping. We had a few options but landed on a trip to the local Walmart because we had several things to get for Grandmother’s party.

We walked by the toy section and were confronted with hula hoops. My two girlfriends decided to see if they could still hula and we just about died of laughter because they were unable to keep the hoop going. I didn’t even attempt to try because I can’t recall ever being able to hula hoop.

So what did we decide then and there? We decided we would all learn to hula hoop this year! The very first day back in Chicago, I went to buy a hula hoop. I was super nervous about the whole thing so I first did some homework. I learned that the hoops at the store are designed for children – the size and weight of those hoops are not designed for us human giants!

Instead of paying $5 for the mini-sized hoop, I had to march myself to the fitness section and get an adult sized hoop. My only option was a $30 hoop that you have to assemble at home. You can then pull out sections to make the hoop smaller and more difficult to use. You clearly know where I started.

Anyway, here is day one of my learning to Hula Hoop. I’m now on day 6 and can get about 3 revolutions. It’s still a pretty pathetic site to see. However, it’s funny, it’s cardio, and it’s making me move. So why not?!

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