My biggest kitchen challenge

So here’s a secret about myself….(note: my closest friends know this isn’t a secret)

I’m super organized at work but not at all as organized at home. This drives me crazy and I go into deep cleaning/organizing waves when the chaos starts to add stress to my coming home from work. Home should be where I go to unwind after a tough and/or long work day but I don’t prioritize organizing my own belongings.

I know that part of my chaos issue is that I tell myself I’m too tired to deal with so I just ignore it. Obviously, doing this multiple days a week means that things start to pile up – laundry, dirty dishes, mail, etc. I also use the excuse that I live alone and no one will see the mess unless I invite them over.

This is no way to live a life. I should be ready for impromptu visits (which I hate) at all times. I shouldn’t be afraid to have friends come over to pick something up or to just hang out. I like my house…I like my friends and family…so I should be able to have them over on a whim.

So I’ve decided that I will do a weekly examination of my lack of household organization and start tackling the reason behind it and put a plan in to motion.

Issue #1: I hate doing dishes (partly because I don’t have a dishwasher)

1. I can’t add a dishwasher because I don’t own my place, so I need to find a solution that works.

2. I love to cook so that means there will always be a pile of dishes.

3. I often only have dinner at my house.

So my solution to the pile up of dirty dishes is to reduce how many I produce. No, this doesn’t mean I’ll be eating out more! I’ve decided to adopt a non-popular solution.  Solution #1: Paper plates and disposable utensils! 

paper plates

I know it’s not eco-friendly to go this route, but I need to make a choice that helps me stay more organized in a space I use daily. For meals that are just made for me, it will be much easier to eat and toss. Sure, I’ll still have to wash pots & pans, but if I can lessen the amount produced, maybe I can get in to the habit of leaving the sink clean every day. I’ll of course be kind to my guests and bust out the real plates and silverware.

Solution #2: make sure the sink is clean every night before going to bed.

These all seem easy and doable. Let’s see if I can keep it up!  There is no reason why I can’t keep the sink clean. Washing dishes always takes less time than i think it will. It will be even less if I just tackle on the spot. So I need to create a new habit – one that lessens the stress of the visual chaos and keeps my house clean!

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