You live, you learn and you upgrade!

In 2010, I made the decision to share my shenanigans, my dreams and my crafting through my first blog (For My Sanity’s Sake, I Scrap). I enjoyed the freedom of expression and was always surprised that others might want to join me on my journey.

Fast forward a few years and you’ve now got me using Instagram and Twitter to encourage good and share my happy moments. I’ve realized, however, that my postings have become sporadic and fragmented. There is no longer a flow, a purpose or target audience. I literally spill whatever thought is on my mind without intent.

Some of you might argue that blogging is about your personal expression and who cares about strategy and focus. If I didn’t want to share my adventures, my learnings and my passions, then I would have created a closed account or kept  a journal.

I made the decision to share publicly because it would create an avenue to interact on a much larger scale than I could ever achieve physically.

So I’ve made the decision to start anew, and I hope you will join me in my conversations about the things I love, the things I learn, and the good I want to help spread in the world. I will make mistakes, and I will make a fool of myself for the sake of learning.

The end game will always be the same – to live a life full of laughter, compassion and fun!

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